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The service includes spacing of text appropriate for the style of the manuscript, paragraph indenting, chapter breaks, page numbering and page headers using custom fonts in any style requested, additionally we make sure the illustrations, captions and tables are inserted and arranged appropriately. A title page, a copyright page and table of contents are inserted along with any other preliminary pages required (e.g., acknowledgments, dedication). During the formatting process, we'll fix any incorrect formatting such as invalid characters, manual double spacing, poorly formatted tabs and line breaks caused by hyphens. The book can be set to whatever size you require with margins and gutters set at the correct dimensions for printing in that size. The format is done to your specifications by our layout experts.

This PDF file may help you to decide the trim size of your printed book: Trim Size Comparison (6x9 is the most popular).

What we offer

  • We can guarantee that the book will follow all print guidelines, and will not be rejected.

  • We can guide you through the uploading / publishing process or do it for you if needed.

  • We do not charge more if your book has a lot of images, tables or graphs.

  • Turnaround time of three working days.

  • We provide post-project support and free updates. If something needs to be changed / updated after a project has been finalized, just let us know and we do the first 100 words free of charge, if there are more we only charge an hourly fee of $15.

What we need

  • Your manuscript. (we prefer to receive the book in Word, OpenOffice or InDesign formats, but any editable format will do. Please try to avoid PDFs.)

  • Cover image

  • If you have any special preferences please let us know.


We work with you until you are 100% satisfied with the quality and layout of your book!

If for any reason, you are not satisfied,
we'll refund your money.

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